3 Hours 15mins Labour & Delivery

Our journey started with lack of understanding, well on my part as I’m the woman. I never really knew my body as well as I should have done hence why it took a few months before we conceived. I had stopped taking the pill after a year of us getting married and we just started trying, not putting a schedule on when to have sex. Do not put pressure on yourselves as couples, decide which year and season you’d prefer to have your kids and let God lol. I just thought get off the pill, if it happens it happens. But after two months of trying and nothing happening that’s when I decided to research.



















Knowledge is power!

Through the research I learnt so much about my body as a woman, we women are actually so amazing. The power God has given us to do so many things is insane…Being able to give birth to a human being, is such a blessing at which I am grateful for.



It was the day before JJ’s due date and I decided with the help of my friend, to cook spicy stew. Apparently spicy food can help induce labour. It was around 5 o’clock when we finished cooking and now ate. She left me and I was now chilling on my bouncy ball. After a few hours, around 7pm I started feeling some sharp cramps. At this point I didn’t know I was in labour, I just thought the spicy food might have been the cause of the minor pain. The pain was coming on and off and as a first-time mum I didn’t want to ignore how I was feeling and got my husband to time how long the pain was lasting for and how often they were coming. After an hour and half of timing, we both established I was contracting. We called my parents and he then called the labour ward to let them know what was happening. The midwife told my husband we should wait a little longer until the contractions become more regular.

One thing I would advise expectant mothers, be in tune with your body, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation that could cause anxiety. As much as midwives know what they are doing, they don’t know how your feeling at that time, so if they say wait longer at home but you’re feeling the baby is coming, get to the hospital straight away.


My mum decided I should go for a walk and at this point the pain was very strong, so strong that I threw up all the food I has consumed earlier. I now felt I needed the toilet and as soon as I pulled my trousers up my waters broke. No way was I going to wait after that, so my dad drove myself, hubby, mum and sister to the hospital.

Guys the drive to the hospital felt longer than normal, I was just calling on Jesus for help cause the pain was unbearable. Getting to the hospital now, the receptionist told me to wait. Her attitude and approach towards me was not encouraging that I started panicking and told my hubby I didn’t think I could bare the pain and wanted an epidural. At this point, apparently there wasn’t any available midwife and I could feel a heavy weight like my baby was about to drop out. As soon as I felt that feeling I told the midwife who was just going to do the check that I could feel the baby coming. A midwife who had just finished her shift was God sent. She told me to get on the bed quickly, analysed me and found out I was fully dilated. As soon as she said I was 10cm dilated I felt a great strength come upon me and started pushing when told to do so. Within 15mins a handsome 6lb 15oz baby boy was born with the help of one midwife and my husband. I couldn’t believe I had done it without taking any pain relief. The whole experience took 3hours 15min…wow!











I learnt that day, there is power in positive thinking and speaking. Life can feel tough sometimes but stay positive and say positive things you would love for to happen. With the help of God, you can achieve anything.











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