30 things to do before I turn 30, why am I doing this you say. Well enjoying life to the fullest is one of my main keys to a living a stress free life, it’s what keeps me looking and staying young. Although I may look young I am getting older with age. I have decided before I turn 30 this year (Oct 9th) to do thirty things.

This was the hardest list I have had to make ever! I uploaded a video on my channel of a list of 30 things to do before 30 but I realised I didn’t have to do massive life changing things to do so I made it less hard for myself and updated the list and thought I’d share with you so that I have eyes on me to complete my list. Also I left the 30th thing to do open so you guys could suggest something for me to do, so no pressure!! lol

Some of the things I’ve completed so it’s time to complete the rest.  I definitely will vlog and document my adventures and make a video as soon as they are all completed. So here is my list of 30 things to do before turning 30 with the last been chosen by you so don’t forget to comment your suggestions below and I’ll pick the 30th thing to do.


30 Things to do before 30

  1. Travel to Australia
  2. Travel to a European Country
  3. Move to a different Area
  4. Make Beautiful Chats my official show
  5. Host an event
  6. Speak in front of a group of people
  7. Gain 10,000 followers across my social media platforms
  8. Gain 30,000 views on my channel
  9. Attend a fashion week
  10. Travel to Scotland
  11. Travel to Wales
  12. Collaborate with well known Youtuber/s for Beautiful Chats show
  13. Have three days Insta live life discussions
  14. Host a dinner party Come Dine with me style with people I don’t know
  15. Enjoy a Spa weekend/Day
  16. Create a creative pregnancy fashion look book vid
  17. Have a bbq in new place
  18. Have a photoshoot with my siblings
  19. Buy a luxury item
  20. Ride a Boris bike
  21. Attend a concert
  22. Travel to Nigeria
  23. Travel to Ireland
  24. Be styled by a fav stylist for maternity photoshoot
  25. Give birth to my second child
  26. Volunteer for a mental health charity
  27. Drink only water for a month
  28. Do an ancestry dna test
  29. Shadow one of my fav presenters
  30. Chosen by YOU


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