Beauty Model


I never knew doing something out of my comfort zone would lead to something I would enjoy doing.

I decided to get into modelling 2010 as a way of gaining confidence in myself. Thinking about it now, I really don’t know why I chose the hardest thing. Should have chosen a small group to join lol.

I love beauty modelling, as it shows the creativity of different colour’s and moods based on what the artists want to express to their viewers. This way of gaining confidence was very therapeutic. As I looked at myself in professional taken pics, I started to see a strong black woman. At the time I never knew some people use photography as a form of therapy.

It’s been an interesting journey, and just wanted to share with you all the recent pics I took. Thank God for self-timer lol, I don’t have to always rely on photographers when I need to get work done. I am learning everyday about other skills that are used to create great beauty pics, cause if someone isn’t available I can always do it myself. So whatever you love doing, learn about the behind the scene things and build up your skills.













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