I can imagine the feeling of one’s confidence getting knocked, I myself lacked confidence growing up. I feel confidence is in everyone but if not nurtured as we go through different stages in life, it doesn’t manifest itself in us enough to be a part of us.

I started my journey on social media to put myself out there as I believe confidence is a very important part of my career. I believe certain things we go through in life can cause us to doubt ourselves and reduce our confidence such as breakups, bad grades in school, not doing well in exams, choosing the wrong career, bereavement, expectations by parents etc. these things can cause us to lack in confidence.


In our everyday lives we need confidence, and if we don’t have it, it could lead to us making mistakes we shouldn’t be making. I knew I lacked in confidence and decided to do something about it. I found out one of the reasons affecting my confidence was not speaking enough to people. I always tried to avoid socialising, answering questions in class, giving feedback at work. Becoming a train driver helped develop my communication and my attitude. I became responsible for thousands of people’s lives and needed to believe in myself that I was capable to drive the train safely. This helped me to put myself out there and follow my dreams in becoming a presenter.



I thought I needed to take classes or take a course to build up my confidence, but I never knew that the decisions I was making to change my life were already steps to having more confidence. You don’t have to spend so much money to develop yourself, there are loads of inspiring videos, podcasts and books that can help. One thing I also did was join a small group of creative women (Cre8), I was in search of somewhere where I could learn to build my relationship with God and learn about different things with creative women. Joining these ladies helped develop my confidence and one day I was called to lead a meeting and from there God gave me the confidence I lacked by meeting these wonderful women. I no longer suffer from anxiety when speaking.


We are all in control of the things we allow in our lives, good or bad so if confidence is a feeling then we have the power to feel it at all times. Comparing yourself to someone who you can’t sense what they are feeling definitely isn’t the best way to build yourself. Focus on you and your dreams and everything else will follow.



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