Happy Mothers Day


Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been a mum for almost three years. I always knew I would have kids one day but never imagined what being a mum would be like. It’s one of those roles where you find out your job when you’re in it.I appreciate everything my mother has done for me and my siblings.  She worked hard to give us the best she could. Her love is unconditional.

The decision to have a child should not only be based on one’s financial ability, as a mother and father how much are you going to give to your children, what sacrifices are you going to make?

I get people asking me how I balance being a mother and pursuing a career, would I have waited before having them?

One thing I admire about my parents is how they were able to manage their jobs and still look after us. And we saw them pretty much every day. There was always someone there to be Mum or Dad which, is something that seems to be lacking a little these days, parents relying on carers. A nanny should be there to assist not there to raise your kids for you.

The world has issues and for those who are raising kids in a system where kids are committing crimes, joining gangs, raising kids when they themselves are kids, we as parents need to be there for our children from day one, be there when they need us, raise them with good values and put the fear of God in them. As humans we don’t just face issues with other human beings, there are also external factors that we can’t control hence why having faith in God helps those who believe in him to overcome situations that we as humans can’t handle.

To all my mother’s out there and mothers to be, you are very special. Stay strong and positive. You will be tired due to lack of sleep, you will feel alone sometimes, your kids may do things that get on your nerves, you may feel like giving up on your dreams, whatever it is that may not feel positive about being a mother I want to let you know you are not alone. Stay strong, you are doing a great job. Don’t give up on your dreams, you can achieve anything you set your mind to do. Don’t compare your mothering skills to anyone else. Ask for help! Please ASK for help! Your health is also important.

With that being said I have created a facebook group where mothers can be free to talk about what ever they may be going through, give advice, tips, have a laugh and just feel like they are not alone.



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