Jacket – Stradivarius | Jeans – New Look | Trainers – Nike @ ASOS | Sweater – Peacoocks

Every winter I feel it just gets colder especially in London. The weather has just been too rude lately lol, so I decided I needed to get something that will keep me warm. Before christmas I went shopping at Westfields Stratford looking for a padded parka jacket. Although I knew what I was looking for I also like buying jackets that I can just live in, meaning I don’t have to take off, which also means I don’t have to worry too much about what I wear underneath. I personally don’t believe in the perfect winter coat, and if there is one their usually expensive.

I was so happy when I tried this one on in the store. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size in store so I just ordered it online. I normally wear a medium when it comes to jackets, but due to my weight loss, which i’m not complaining about lol I went for a small size. The jacket is so warm, the collar is thick and covers the neck like a scarf.


As much as I love this jacket, it doesn’t go with all my outfits. Ild say it’s mainly for casual looks. This particular look i’m wearing is one of my favourite go to looks. A sweater, Jeans and Trainers, simple and not much to it when its cold lol. But I wouldn’t wear Rifts now that its colder…

I have a question for you guys, whats the difference between a jacket and a coat?


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