If I saw the title of this post when I was single or even as a married woman, I would question a lot of things. Why is marriage a thing of survival? Is four years something to be proud of etc.

In celebration of our 4th year anniversary I thought I would write a post to encourage my single and married beautiful people. I’ve learnt so much about myself, Him, and marriage over the past four years. And the reason why I feel like we have survived this far is because the test and trails of marriage seem to be crucial after being married for a year up until your first child turns one year. For us this was between year two and four of marriage.

One thing I’ve come to understand about marriage is that, there’s no happily ever after… the end, nor is there a date for when things become perfect. Marriage is a covenant, contract, commitment that has no end date. It’s one of those contracts that needs to be reviewed, maybe edited, improved every year for the next year to be better than the last.

The years spent dating, courting, whatever you want to call it, isn’t the time to try perfect a relationship before marriage. Date for 10 years if you want, you will surely find out new things about that person. If those of us who desire to be with one woman and one man for the rest of our lives, then we need to understand what I mentioned above. Marriage has no end date!

I could go into it more, but this post will be too long so I will be having a live Insta session soon and go into more details.

Don’t start your marriage and try to survive it. Once the understanding of a marriage is in place, take your time, grow together, enjoy each day, communicate your issues, review your marriage every year. Forget those expectations as not everything will be as you want. Let’s stop using others relationship as our relationship goals. What you don’t hear or see could be bad things your wishing for yourself.

Lastly PRAYER needs to be the most important tool in our marriages. You don’t need to be religious to implement this into your relationship. The fact is there are things beyond the human control that only prayer can fix. This goes for anything in life that attracts trails and hard times.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram @blessingboyega for when my live Insta Relationship/Marriage Q&A session will be.




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