The Choker Trend


PRIMARK Choker| NEW LOOK Bodysuit top

Whose loving the choker trend? *raises hands*.  This trend is pretty hard to miss, as you see more people wearing different types of chokers. I too have fallen in love with the recent choker trend. I remember a few years ago people were wearing the tattoo like chokers but I wasn’t really interested in them at the time. But now the jewellery designers have created different style of chokers. I just love the fact theres different types of chokers to go with almost anything you wear.

For example I love the pendant Primark choker I’m wearing above. I’m wearing a slight off shoulder top and could pair it with some boyfriend jeans and for footwear put on a pair of Vans or trainers. The choker takes off the look of being too tomb boyish and gives the look a balance between girly and tomb boy.

The choker designs have more lady like designs rather than it looking too grungy, so this shows theres something for everyone and don’t forget in different forms and materials.


By Eni Vintarje


By Eni Vintarje


By Eni Vintarje


NEW LOOK Choker | NEW LOOK Bodysuit top

If your loving the trend, comment below and let me know your favourite piece.




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