Travelling with a Three month old


I know my kids are too young to remember the holidays they’ve been on so far, but I enjoy taking them and creating memories through pictures and videos. In this post I’m sharing with you the items that can help to keep your kids safe. Being organised is good for your own sanity, as it’s not easy travelling with kids sometimes.

First thing to always do is make a list of the things the kids will need and do every necessary check of where you are going so you know to bring certain things or do certain things before leaving, such as getting any necessary vaccinations.


I travelled with Ezra when he was three months and at that age he wasn’t old enough to get certain travel vaccinations, but I made sure he received his first set of immunisations. If I had a chance to do everything over again I would have made sure he received his second set of immunisations also because I was not always at ease when being outside with him. I feel that would have calmed me down a bit but thank God he was not bitten and didn’t catch anything at all. One thing we made sure we had was a clean and very nice apartment. If you can’t be certain of the environment of where you will be staying, then it will be better that they don’t travel.



I found the perfect bath which weighs so little and so easy to pack in the suit case. I wasn’t sure I would be able to find the items I needed for him in Nigeria and decided to buy them from the UK. So, this bath is the Stokke flexi bath in white and next to it is the Stokke flexi bath newborn support. I love this bath as it’s so easy to fold into the suitcase and isn’t weighty.

I bathed Ezra with the water in the apartment as it was clean, and can I say guys, it was so good on his skin. His face left looking too fresh. However, I add Oilatum to his baths everyday just in case of him getting a rash. I tried not to expose his body too much, so he mainly wore onesies which was fine to wear in the heat. Mind you everywhere we were there was air conditioner. I also sprayed his arms and legs with Incognito anti-mosquito spray.


The Inovi cocoon travel cot was the best item I purchased for this trip. Ezra was well protected when he was inside the cot. I love the detachable mosquito net it came with. This cot is easy to fold and put out once you get the hang of it. It fits into a large suitcase once folded. 


Ezra is breastfed so, for this trip I pumped 50-60 oz’s and froze them into Lansinoh milk storage bags. My sister bought me the best freezer bag ever from M&S. Once we got to our apartment, the first thing I checked was the milk. After about 15 hours since taking the milks out from the freezer and into the freezer bag with the freezer pack, guys I kid you not, the milk were still frozen rock solid. I brought with me formula just in case for any reason there was no breastmilk. I manage to find a small travel kettle to take with me so that he had clean drinking water.





Those were the main items bought for the trip and I believe were necessary to have especially for a country like Nigeria. The kids had a great time, and this will be the first of many holidays.




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