Treating Cradle Cap

I find cradle cap to be one of the annoying things we see on our babies. Depending on your baby’s complexion, cradle cap can look yellow, greenish, brownish. It tends to be at the top part of your baby’s scalp. After having my first I found out that this is common, although not every baby has it. Nobody knows what causes it to appear but if you have a theory I’d be interested to know lol

Yes, seeing it irritates me, so I researched and decided to get rid of it even though they say not to pick at it.



I would first saturate my sons scalp with coconut oil and let it sit for an hour, this was when the cradle cap first appeared and was thick. As time goes on you can reduce the time depending on how much is left on their scalp. The oil will soften it up, so you can either comb or brush it out gently.

Please do not scrape, scratch, itch or do anything aggressive as this can cause irritations and infections. I did this step only once as I didn’t want my son to have a sore scalp. I would then give my baby a bath leaving his head and face last.

When I got what I could get from his scalp, I then washed his hair with a cradle cap shampoo, in my case I used Dentinox. I washed his hair twice with it and didn’t use any other product.

I used to get the rest of my baby’s body moisturised before dealing with his hair, but I found out that his scalp was drying out too quick so now I get my coconut oil and grease his scalp lightly after his bath before moisturising the rest of his body.


Cradle cap does cause hair loss so hence why you need to be very gentle with the treatment process. Ezra had so little hair, so I knew he would be mainly bald, but this causes him to itch as his scalp is more exposed than a baby with lots of hair. I decided to spray water on his scalp just to hydrate it and stop him from itching. I only applied oil when needed.

Keep your baby’s scalp clean and remember their heads are so fragile. Don’t worry their hair will grow back and to reduce the amount of hair washes, follow my tip of hydrating their scalp. Please if you have any other ways I can treat Ezra’s scalp let me know by commenting.





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